Never-ending Story


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I never know how to address these blogs. Most of the time I feel like I’m talking to myself, but eventually I want to be talking to millions. So… I’ll have to pretend.

A lot of things have been on my mind lately, and what better why to address them than using my blog, right? Correct! When I’m left alone my mind wanders into a thousand different directions. I’m sure that I’m not the only person in the world with the problem. A certain smell, a piece of fabric, a song, and even food can trigger any memory. With those memories come emotions. Happiness, sadness, dread, anticipation. . . All of these are common human emotions. Emotions that we succumb to often. I’ve never been one for emotion but these past few years have taken a huge toll on my life. It’s never-ending emotion. . . I want them all to stop. . . But they won’t. I can blame it on hormones, myself, or the people in my life, but that won’t do any good. Emotion is natural. . . Why not embrace it? This not brings me to my thoughts and what I want to share in this blog.

1) “Friendships”
2) Relationships
4) Inspiration

All four of those things tie into my life one way or another. I want to start off with “Friendships”… The word friendships is in quotations for a reason. From as far back as I can remember I established friendships as a child all the way up until now. Did all of them last? Why heavens no! I believe that people come into your life for a purpose. “Friends” are there to be those people who you can relate to. Those “friends” that were once your friends, but are no longer your friends were there as lessons. Lessons? Let me explain myself. Look back and choose a friend that you are no longer friends with. Think about your friendship. How you met, the good and bad times you had, the places you hung out, etc… Think about other “friends” that came into your life during the course of your friendship with that person. When did you realize that your friendship was ending? How did your friendship end? After all of that; what did your friendship with that person teach you? I’ve learned A LOT of lessons over the years and I’m happy to say that I can count all of my friends(without quotations) on one hand. This may seem harsh considering all of the great people I know in my life, but it’s the truth… Everyone I know can’t honestly say that I’m their truest and bestest friend. Neither can I. They do know that I’m there for them if they needed me…… Wow… This paragraph is getting rather long. Ugh! I have too much to say. LoL! I’m just going to end with this.. Don’t be like me and wonder where you went wrong with your “friends.” If the ignore you, don’t respect you, etc.. Take a step back and evaluate. I just recently had to do that. Actually only an hour ago. I felt like I was being dismissed in a way. No one should ever feel that way. It hurts. When people go out of their not to be bothered with you… take a hint and take with pride. Like I said before, don’t be like me and cry over it. Save those tears or another day. There are still friends out there that are more than happy to drop everything and come to your rescue.

Relationships will make you want to pull your hair out. Well… Unless you have one of those perfect ones. Ugh! SCREW YOU if you do! Lol! Jk! I’m happy for you. 😉
Never in a millions years have I ever felt so a lone in my life. Before I started dating I enjoyed time to myself. I used to lock my brothers out of the house to get. Yea… I know. That was mean. Haha! Antyway… Now I long for human contact. I can’t stand to be alone or not in a relationship (Not that I’ve had many relationships…). What I’m trying to say is . . . WHERE IS MY CHRISTIAN GREY!!!!!!!
I sit back and look at the people around me and I see relationships, marriages, houses, children, families… That’s all I’ve ever wanted. Yes, I’m only 21 and I have “all the time in the world.” Actually, no I don’t. I’m 21!!! I’ll be 22 next month. I don’t want to be getting married in my thirties and having babies that late in life. NO! Not what I have planned. Ugh! Yea, yea, yea.. “Have faith that there someone out their for you.” I’ve heard this over and over. I want it NOW! Lol! Okay.. I sound a little nuts, but my criteria  for finding that someone isn’t that bad (They must have graduated high school, maybe attempted/graduated college, a job that pays more than minimum wage… He has to be able to take care his family and live comfortably, wants kids, not abusive in any way, fairly attractive, no STDs, and a high sperm count). IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?
Umm… Where was I going with this? I don’t even know anymore. The point is… Relationships are not easy and it’s best to be with someone who loves you for you. Be with someone who wants the same things out of life. Why back down on your dreams to suit someone else’s. If your dreams and coexist then find a way to make them happen. I love, love and I can’t wait to find it. 😀 Yes, I’m a sap. Hahah!

I advise people who don’t like gays to strip naked, move out of their homes, abandon their cars, and move to the middle of the woods. Guess what? I’m sure a gay man/woman designed your clothes, designed/invented products in your homes, and assembled your car. Companies are openly bashing the LGBT community, churches are protesting funerals and telling their congregation that the LGBT community should be slaughtered, hates crimes, suicides, etc… Homosexuality has been around for millennia. There’s nothing new or shocking about this. It goes against the bible, yes, but those same Kings were wrongful doers as well. Who are we to judge anyone because of who they are, where they come from, or because of their sexuality? If you believe in God or a higher power, isn’t he the one to judge. What gives us the right to condemn a man because of the way he feels about another.
The LGBT community asks for acceptance. It’s not a privilege. It’s a right. As soon as they were conceived and birthed from their mother’s womb, they had to the right to do anything, be anything, and love. Taking away their rights because you don’t like it is wrong. I can go on for days and present you with facts about this topic. I love my LGBT community. They are truly some of the best people I know because they are so accepting. I back my LGBT community 100%.

Yesterday I was told that I am an inspiration. What do you think? Am I an inspiration? When I read that, it lit up my world. No one has ever said that to me before. It was so refreshing to hear because that’s what I aspire to be. I want to inspire people to be great. You can’t let your circumstances define who you are. I wasn’t brought up in a wealthy home nor was a brought up in a middle class or poor home. My needs were met. I had clothes on my back, shoes on my feet, and food to eat. I suddenly remember that saying “It takes a village to raise a child.” O do I know it. Lol! Without the outside help from family, friends, church members… I don’t think I would have been shaped to be the person that I am today. I’m not saying that I’m perfect, but I am saying that I love who I am. I can pin point my traits and no exactly who I go them from. Regardless if my persistence came from my sunday school teacher Mrs. McBride. I learned to concentrate on one thing, but still be aware of my surroundings (you think I’m ignoring you but I heard everything you said) from my mother. I got the “grab the bull my horns and take no prisoners” attitude from my grandmother. My “who gives a rats ass” mentality from my Uncle Darrick… LOL! and I say I want to inspire people? I’m nuts! I have so many personalities. Haha!! Now that I think about it… everyone can be an inspiration. I’m sure someone looks up to you and aspires to have one of traits or follow in your foot steps. Tell me. Who is your inspiration?


Okay lovelies! That pretty much wraps up everything I wanted to talk about. I refrained from going into too much detail about each topic. Hopefully you’ll read it and understand my passion for each. I really am passionate about those things. I hold friends dear. I want a beautiful relationship. I’m a sucker for equality. I want to be able to evoke someones inspiration. Whether or not I’m their inspiration or they find it elsewhere. I can be their muse. Yea.. Muse! I like that. 😀


Until next time